Friday, September 25, 2020

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OCN Course : Online Courses Nepal 

OCN stands for “ONLINE COURSE NEPAL”. OCN concept was created in 2016 as a online e-learning platform for Nepali Citizens, by Bijay Acharya. Any one interested in learning via video tutorials & ebook are welcome here. (Still in BETA Version).

Course Creators can send their Course details, Course Syllabus, Video records (recommended Vimeo/Youtube) & ebooks to us in email ( We will upload it to THIS SECTION by making your own course category. So that students from any corner of Nepal can watch and learn. Also, you will get high exposure. Creating course is POINT earning opportunity for BHUDKI USERS/MEMBERS. You will get direct 1000 points for your approved course in Bhudki ( How to create OCN Course ? Video here :