OCN Courses

  • OCN concept was created in 2016 as a online e-learning platform for Nepali Citizens, by Bijay Acharya. Any one interested in learning via video tutorials & ebook are welcome here. (Still in BETA Version)
  • Course Creators can send their Course details, Course Syllabus, Video records (recommended Vimeo/Youtube) & ebooks to us in email (bhudkinetwork@gmail.com). We will upload it to THIS SECTION by making your own course category. So that students from any corner of Nepal can watch and learn. Also, you will get high exposure.
  • Creating course is POINT earning opportunity for BHUDKI USERS/MEMBERS. You will get direct 1000 points for your approved course in Bhudki (https://bhudki.com/ocn-courses/)
  • How to create OCN Course ? Video here : https://youtu.be/GI6k-nZALys