No Notice, No “No Parking” Sign, Direct Action. Wrong or Right ?

Pokhara – Jan 23, 24 – 2018

Hundreds of Bikes and Scooters were taken by police in different van and trucks, because those vehicles were parked in footpath and no parking area. This was immediate action by Traffic police of Pokhara City.

  • In case of NO PARKING AREA, it was right decision.
  • In case of Footpath, was it right or wrong decision ?

> Traffic Police should have informed via Pamphlets/Banner before taking action. Right or Wrong ?

> Public says, there was no any early notice, this was an immediate action by traffic police and this is wrong.

When we analyse this action, it was for better of city, but was the immediate action good decision ? This question is answered in different way by different individuals.

What do you think of this immediate action by traffic police of pokhara city ???

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फुटपाथ र नो पार्क मा राखेको बाईक र स्कुटर Traffic Police द्धारा कारवाही मा | के यो कुरा सहि हो ? के लाग्छ हजुरहरुलाई

3 thoughts on “No Notice, No “No Parking” Sign, Direct Action. Wrong or Right ?

  1. Its wrong decision, there should be fixed place for parking.Vehicles shouldn’t be parked at footpath.There should be always notice and awareness before any action.If citizens park they take the vehicle’s but they themselves park in this areas

  2. In my opinion, the action taken by the Nepal Traffic Police is good at some respect. We Nepalese damn care about the rules, we parked our vehicles obstructing the roads,we didn’t care about the road signs, either. As, the Scotties or the motorcycles was parked in the NO PARKING ZONE violating the rules, then they must be charged for that. I must say it was a good decision by the traffic police in this case, but there’s one more important thing I would like to say, The metropolitan City didn’t pay much attention on regular maintenance of roads The roads are not managed yet, in some places, NO ANY SIGNS of parking, and this makes the people park their vehicles where ever they like.In this case, it’s the fault of management, not actually of people, as they are compelled to park.

  3. In my opinion, the Traffic Police had done such a wrong work. At least before taking any action towards the public firstly, public awareness program should be conducted and proper sign of No Parking area should be kept properly so that people become aware. After doing such things if the people repeated such mistakes than the immediate action should be taken as per the law.

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