Children can Smoke in Portuguese village at Epiphany

Children can Smoke in Portuguese village at Epiphany

In almost every corner of world if someone smokes, then his or her impression goes wrong. Situation is even worse if child or teenager smokes. What if you knew about one village where parents or elders encourage child to smoke ? Well, that place in earth exists.

The tradition/festival like in Vale do Salgueiro is said that nowhere else exits, and and till now no one can surely tell about its creation or where/when it came. On Saturday, the village’s children tentatively tried cigarettes given them by parents with what appeared to be a mixture of pride and excitement.

The festival marks Epiphany, a Christian holiday.

चाडपर्व जहाँ बच्चा बच्चीलाई चुरोट खान दिईन्छ

You can see images and more detail on this news here : Full story 

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1 thought on “Children can Smoke in Portuguese village at Epiphany

  1. Wow, really a epic news myan. That is the amazing news that i had ever heard in my life. Somehow it may be the tradition for them so that we are unknown about it. Our tradition, culture are also amazing. In my society also there is a tradition concept that it was celebrated in MAHA SHIVA RATRI. At the midnite of 11,12 P.M that occasion, one member of the villagers are conducted all the dinner for all the villagers And it is rotated yearly wise. So it is one of the amazing culture of our society.

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