Wednesday, July 15, 2020


New Task for 5000bCoin (Bhudki Coin) = Nrs.500 : April 21, 2020 || Deadline : April 25, 2020

Make Short 3 to 5 Minute Video.

1) Topic : "5 Home Based Business Ideas in Nepal".
2) Shoot 3 to 5 minute video, showing your face, and explain in Nepali Language.
3) You can use mobile or video camera. Video quality doesn't matter, idea presented in video is most important.
4) In starting of video, speak "This video is for Bhudki Task and will be uploaded to"
5) Only Bhudki Members are allowed to send video. Become member. It's Free.
6) Those member who will not involve in this task, cannot perform coming more 5 tasks.
7) Members of bhudki knows our email. Upload your video to google drive and send link of video to our bhudki email.
8) Your videos will be uploaded to above mentioned youtube channel in April 26. Winner will be decided in May 5.
9) The video with best ideas will win Nrs.300.
10) The video with more "like" will win Nrs.200.
11) If your video crosses 1 Lakh views in my channel (coming future), then you will get extra 5000 Nrs. from our side.
12) Don't use any music in video. If needed, we will add music.
Note : More other updates might come regarding this post, so stay tuned.