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Note : This point/bCOINS system (earning system) is applicable for year 2019/2020 August. And may change next year. This is 3rd revision and update of point system & registration.


Membership/Registration Criteria is FREE 
– Registration is FREE.

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– For more detail (to Register in Bhudki) email us at : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com

bCOINS System For Earning Money : Find out below.


  •  300     bCOINS = NPR.30 Cash 
  • 500      bCOINS = NPR.50 Cash
  • 1000    bCOINS = NPR.100 Cash
  •  2000   bCOINS = NPR. 200 Cash
  • 5000    bCOINS = NPR.500 Cash
  • 20000 bCOINS = NPR. 2000 Cash
  • 40000 bCOINS = NPR. 5000 Cash

What kind of Activity Earns bCOINS ?

    1. 10 Points for New Registration
    2. 1 Point for Daily Site Visit (Must be logged in)
    3. 5 Point for Daily Login (Per day 5 point)
    4. 1 Point for New Status/Activity Update. (Per Day 10 Points in maximum is assigned. Means 10 Activity or Status Updates gives 10 points per day. Updates must be educational, news, poems, feelings. Do not upload irritating repeating status. )
    5. 1 point for new friend add. You added 10 friends ? You got 10 points.
    6. 1 Point for Comment. (Per Day 10 Points in maximum is assigned. Means 10 comments gives 10 points per day. Must comment on status or activity with relative comments. Do not comment JPTs). NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.
    7. Got Article writing skill ? Then you can earn straight 300 Points for one good article.You must write & create article post from following field/topics only :
      • Tutorials/How-to : Write any tutorials including cooking, how to cook something, photoshop tutorials, how to use photoshop/logo design, how to format os, tutorials or guide on how to make games or smartness guide, how to read something. (All about how to or tutorials) (You use images to illustrate ?, then please attach low size image to your article.) 
      • Essay on topics :  (games, nature, politics, sports, health, music, technology etc)
      • Stories : (on any topic that is fine to share)
      • Research : (on any topic that is fine to share)
      • Project : (on any topic that is fine to share)

      Once written, please send document to email (bhudkinetwork@gmail.com) . And you will then get reply email.. We will carefully read that article. If we think article is good, then we will create a blog post and upload it in Bhudki. Don’t copy others article. Please mention resources of your article too.

    8. Earn from Forums. In main homepage, you can see forum tab, hover your mouse there. So, you can find various forums and topics in there. You can involve in solving problems of others by replying to their questions. Replies will earn point for you. NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.
    9. Refer site to your friends and earn 10 points for signup. Find refer link in your profile (below affiliate program heading in your profile)
    10. Create Courses & earn direct 1000 points. Creating educational course is POINT earning opportunity for BHUDKI USERS/MEMBERS. You will get direct 1000 points for your approved course in Bhudki (For detail see : https://bhudki.com/ocn-courses/)
    11. Go to https://bhudki.com/moneytask/ & see upcoming money tasks and available money tasks. Note date and time to submit task. Learn where and how to submit task. Various tasks will be available there holding from 50 points to 1000 points.

Note : You earn by doing something in site. If you deleted friend, then you will loose 1 point. If you delete status, then you will loose 1 point. Similarly, same rule applies site wide.

Strong Warning : Do not spam site. Do not Post JPTs for gaining points. Admin have full right to BAN your account in case of spamming or hoax spreading.


This section gives detail on ‘How users will get Payment’

Right now, Payment will be sent via ESEWA (Condition for payment : your account must have at least 2000 bCoins) (But for mobile recharge, 1000 bCoins is enough. 1000 bCoins = 100 Nrs (will be sent as recharge to mobile number. For recharge IME PAY will be used.).

  • For example, you earned 2000 bCOINS. (as you know, 2000 bCOINS = NPR.200). If you decide to withdraw NPR.200 then you will get payment via ESEWA
  • Once you get NPR.200, your bCOINS balance now will be NPR.0 
  • Or, if you go on increasing bCOINS and for example you reached 20000 bCOINS, & you want to withdraw now, then you will get NPR.2000.
  • So, withdraw in any stage will convert your account bCOINS to zero.
  • For withdraw, send mail to bhudkinetwork@gmail.com (from same email you created account. Your esewa username and bhudki username (real name) must match)
  • Member with 1000 bCOINS or more, if they want payment, they have to send scanned copy of their citizenship or license. (if user do not have their own citizenship, they must provide their parent’s citizenship detail)

More detail : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com 


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