Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Certification Terms & Condition

Before applying for certificate, read all contents and watch all videos very well. Videos includes lab demo. Practice in your system very well. 

Once you are ready for online examination for certificate, then send message to BABA Computers (facebook page).

You’ll then get details on about exam procedure. To get certificate, you must score 70% above in exam. 

After you pass it, then certificate will be sent to your home address. (Only for Nepal)

  1. Read from home, pass exam and get certificate. ALL FREE.

  2. Or get training in our own class, pass exam and get certificate. NOT FREE.

“Teaching Content is same for both options”

You can choose option. If you can read on your own and can pass the exam, then OK, no fee.

But if you want to get face to face training in our class, then you have to pay for it. 

For more details,

send message to BABA Computers (facebook page).