About us

  • BHUDKI, ‘Nepali Social Network Site To Earn Money’. 
  • In BHUDKI, users can create Status, Comment on Status, Create Forum Topics, Create Blogs, Create Educational Course : and for all these activity user EARNS POINTS. Later on, those points can be converted to real money.
  • BHUDKI, mostly tries to focus on preparing : Blogs, Articles, How-To guides & Educational Contents. BHUDKI wants it’s members/users to create these sorts of content for site. And as a reward BHUDKI simply assigns particular POINTS to content creators’ Profile. Those points later can be converted to real cash. Point to Cash system is clearly mentioned in EARNING SYSTEM  

Founders :

  • Bijay Acharya (Concept, Idea, Developer, Investor)
  • Sabin Gautam (Supporter, Investor)
  • YOU (Yes you can invest too, for details just send email : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com)

Location : We are Pokhara Nepal Based.

You can reach us at : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com