Bhudki : Main Activity

  • the sun at dusk has always had more audience than that star that appears at dawn.
    We even lost this twilight.
    Nobody saw us this afternoon with our hands together
    while the blue night fell on the world.
    I have seen from my window
    the celebration of the west in the distant hills.
    Sometimes as a currency
    a piece of sun was lit in my hands.

  • You are my friend, my strength and support that gives me the motive to climb to the top together. My heart beats with your heart, we are one team, one brand with the greatest human ideals – Our power is the strongest in our partnership, we win together.

  • Life is a crisis and a shipwreck in happy waves of time, our strength comes from the spiritual inspiration of the heart.
    I serve my servants in the movements of creative energy, the thought circulates about the ether of exalted vibrations of consciousness.

  • We walk in the gold of your beauty, smile is the hidden talent of the soul that gives us the support and blessings from the universe. The colors fly in my imagination while your message leads me to a new and better world – Perfection offers its services to our mission.

  • One voice is heard quietly in the darkness of poverty, all the songs look the same in the rainy day of our future. The star shines in the heart of the winner, the faith has begun a new wave of love in the oasis of the enthusiasm of our goal. The truth is the lighthouse of our honor in the world of fairy tales.

  • Your lips cover my body with snowy touches, a fire has awakened a volcano in the depths of my heart. I need your gentleness, your love perfectly brings new sounds of music that comes from some more beautiful side of the world

  • We grow in concrete forests when we use virtual fruits, we play digital food through a virtual ecstasy. Your movement brings old dynamics to the music that comes with the magic side of your beauty – Kisses fly in the clouds of our habits to become one body in the chemistry of nature.

  • We bend the light around the mountains as we torture thoughts from the mirrors of the truth. We are looking at the flowers of new roses, keeping the pace of romantic meetings through the sexual irritations of all senses – Memories are lifted to the level of life through the stimulus of enthusiasm.

  • We walk through the wires of the past while the storms bring new words of magic races. Your eyes have set fire to the sea with a utopia of sweet speech, raise the cup of liberty through the wedding feasts of smoke – The guitar covers the background of your beauty in gymnastic dancing.

  • hello everyone

  • We have laughed and shed tears,
    Lived a centuries in a moment
    We have built a castle of memories,
    wandering through heart,
    fell in love with each other.

  • Merely I draw close to a crux
    That eternity does not exist on numbness
    Even dying is impossible
    Unless it is in the embrace of your arms.

  • Now, I can resist no more lonesome
    Let the breaths fade away
    Let the old memories freeze
    Let all this happen to our relation.

  • Your departure made me benumbed
    I be the commotion on myself
    Something burnt inside me
    Yet, I was shivering with cold.

  • You be a traveler of fading night
    You came on, took away my sleep
    I became impotence even to sigh
    And you bid me a goodbye in the galvanized morning.

  • Achieving the new bonds
    You rise thyself from the ground
    Bypass the self healing
    Crystalline body is all you feeling
    As you melt down to be thyself.

  • Oh the sun of my soul
    Oh the rose of my heartbeat
    Oh the river of my feeling
    Oh the stars of my thinking

  • Life was just okay before meeting you
    Now it’s special after meeting you
    You are the reason to continue my creations
    You are the inspiration for me
    To write and go beyond my imagination

  • I am in love with you
    I am an admirer of you
    Oh the pretty soul
    Oh the pretty life
    You are very special for me
    You are very important to me

  • Destiny, direction, and time seems to waft away.
    There is only love- two tectonic lips colliding as one.
    The earth shakes as she pulls a flower
    From my heart and lifts it to the sky.

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