Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nrs.200 Money Task || Earn Money Online From Home in Nepal

Task Total Point : 2000 = Nrs.200

Task Deadline : April 15, 2020

Task : Write 15 strong ideas/points and explain each in few words. Title “15 things to know before visiting Nepal”

Details in Video also : https://youtu.be/oBC4CG9koC0

Remember, members are not allowed to copy and paste contents from other site. Doing so will lead your account to permanent ban. It must be fresh. Published nowhere.

Point assign : One best article will get 1500 points, Second will get 500 points. Total point is 2000.

One user can submit maximum of 2 contents, each with 15/15 ideas and points. Both contents will be applicable for points. Meaning, it’s possible that one user can win 2000 points alone if article is great.

Submit here : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com

Other Point Tasks : https://network.bhudki.com/category/point-task-bhudki/

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