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Lok Sewa Aayog MCQ : Computer Operator Questions Part 3

Lok Sewa Computer Operator

Note : All Answers at bottom.

Number of bits in 1 KB (approx) ? (1)

A) 1024

B) 2048

C) 6000

D) 8000

CAD full-form ? (2)

A) Computer Aided Diagram

B) Computer Aided Design

C) Calculator Aided Design

D) Calculator Aided Diagram

The memory which is programmed only at the time of manufacturer is ? (3)





A program that converts instructions into a machine-code or lower-level form ? (4)

A) Converter

B) Interpreter

C) Compiler

D) Simulator

RS-232 is a standard that applies to ? (5)

A) Network Port

B) Parallel Port

C) Serial Port

D) Digital Port

This tool helps to reduce file access time from disk. (6)

A) Format

B) Disk Defragmenter


D) Scandisk

Keyboard shortcut to create a copyright symbol © in MS-Word ? (7)

A) Ctrl + C

B) Alt + C

C) Ctrl + Shift + C

D) Ctrl + Alt + C

What is the maximum number of lines you can set for a drop cap ? (8)

A) 10

B) 20

C) 30

D) 40+

In MS-Excel, a function inside another function is called ? (9)

A) Duplicate Function

B) Insert Function

C) Nested Function

D) Sum Function

Concatenation of text in excel can be done using ? (10)

A) Apostrophe (‘)

B) Exclamation (!)

C) Hash (#)

D) Ampersand (&)


1 d, 2 b, 3 b, 4 c, 5 c, 6 b, 7 d, 8 a, 9 c, 10 d 

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