“I am sick, do I have Coronavirus ?”


Main symptoms to look for during illness for coronavirus infection are :

  1. Continuous Dry Cough
  2. High Fever
  3. Difficulty in Breathing (in worse)

You are sneezing, having runny nose or having headache ? and you might be thinking of coronavirus ? Well, do not overthink it now.

Let’s break down above mentioned 2 main reasons :

Continuous dry cough means there is no mucus or phlegm or some sort of sticky substance in your handkerchief/tissue. Coughing regularly, trying to clean your throat by coughing. Then this might be symptom of coronavirus infection.

High fever, so what is high fever ?. Fever is when you get 100 degree farenheit. In high fever, you will feel hot. Also hot around chest and back area.

When you get either of these symptoms, then you need to stay at your home for 7 days (isolation), but if there are family or other people also, then in minimum of 2 weeks. Then, if symptoms gets worse, or if you do not feel well, then immediately get help from health care service providers.

“I am sick, do I have Coronavirus ?”

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