Fifa 20 PC Lag Fix | Fifa 20 Slow Gameplay Fix

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Good Specs PC and Fifa 20 Lagging ? Fifa 20 directx problem fix. 
– DX12 on frostbite is so broken it’s unreal, and yes FIFA 20 demo is forced into DX12 with no option to use DX11.
– Possibly is a DX issue. DX12 on frostbite is broken and so badly optimized. 
– Try No limit on FPS & use Nvidia Control Panel Vsync 
– Go to mydocuments/fifa 20 open fifasetup file and change DIRECTX_SELECT to 1. Save and don’t go to launcher settings anymore because it can reverse it. Also first change fps in launcher to unlimited and force vsync in nvidia 3d settings for Fifa 20. It will help with menu and cutscenes 30fps lock 
– May be driver issue. If pc specs are met, then please update graphics driver.

Similarly to fix fifa 20 lag in pc and slow gameplay, do these simple changes in your system.

  • Set computer performance to high, and quality to low.
  • On laptop, select “high performance” in battery power setting.

More solution ideas in Comment Section Below.

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6 thoughts on “Fifa 20 PC Lag Fix | Fifa 20 Slow Gameplay Fix

  1. First thing to confirm (in case fifa 20 gameplay is slow or fifa 20 lagging in pc), is :
    1) Make sure your pc system at least meets minimum requirement of fifa 20 to run.
    Then, if fifa 20 still lag,
    2) update graphics drivers to latest.
    3) update directx

  2. I don’t think minimum requirement will fix this problem. Lag is always big issue for gamers. So, if you are gamer and fifa lover, then always try to have a pc system with Recommended Settings. Or to fix lag in fifa 20, switch to ps4.

  3. 90% user asking to how to fix lag in fifa 20 pc are unaware of the fact that, “if you have pc that is set with recommended specs, and have updated graphics driver, then issue will not be seen.

  4. And most irritating activity is : they do not have minimum required spec for pc, and then by seeing youtube videos, they download unnecessary garbage files from 3rd party sites. Remember if download is required then it’s only “graphics driver updates or directx file”, no other extra garbage files can fix fifa 20 errors either its lag, slow gameplay or blackscreen or directx issue.

  5. Seeing answers above, I think I do not need to write something new. Members above have clearly mentioned what we need to do to fix slow gameplay in fifa 20. I am saying these stuffs since fifa 16. Atleast have minimum specs or if possible then have recommended. And use latest graphics driver, clean windows 10 installations, directx 12 or update it.

    Note : Pc with directx 12 ? Then Windows 10 is must.

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