Canadian Visits Nepal : My experience after 15 years.


I am writing this travel experience article, of my second visit to Nepal. I visited Nepal after 15 years. Mostly I stayed in Pokhara City during my second visit. And I’m from Canada.

Earlier visit and this visit gave me major different experiences. This time, visit to Nepal was much easier when compared with my 1st visit.

Since I stayed in Pokhara, so I’m going to share my experience of Pokhara Tourism Places.

– Pokhara Lakeside was much developed.
– Tours and Travel numbers increased.
– People enjoying technology and technology helped me alot.
– Paragliding experience was great for me.
– Bhurjung Khola Rainbow Trout was new this time.
– Homestay in Ghandruk was a lot better.

  • Pokhara Tourist Police helped me a lot.
  • Uber like taxi service was not available in Pokhara, but one public told me that this kind of service is running in Kathmandu, and will soon available in Pokhara.
  • Nepal Government must work to develop and digitally market Nepal Tourism Spots world wide, and they must build some extra attraction points around Pokhara City. This will help Nepal in tourism sector.
  • For me, Nepal is like 2nd home, heaven land. It feels like, my soul gets purified here.

Love from Canada.

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