Creating DAPP Tutorial 04 : Lab on dTables


Creating your own DAPP (decentralized app) tutorial. In this video, I show lab demo on creation of “dTables” in our dapp. In dTables we will insert records, for that we will create dTables and columns in that dTable. Smart Contracts will be automatically created in which helps absolute beginners to learn easily about DAPP. Beginners in DAPP can watch and learn at their own pace. Call it blockchain app or blockchain dapp, it’s your choice.

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click on Services then on “dTables”.

Step 3 : Click on create “table”

Step 4 : Fill information in name and description field.

Step 5 : Add columns

Step 6 : Click on “create dTable”

Step 7 : On success, you will you ‘dtable’ for your dapp

Step 8 : Click on dTable, then create New Record for our dapp. See images below carefully.

Step 9 : “Useraddress” is your wallet address, which you will get from metamask (we saw it already).

Step 10 : Finally, after “insert record”, you will get screen as below.

Video demo of this part :

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