Creating DAPP Tutorial 03 : dTables


Creating your own DAPP (decentralized app) tutorial. In this video, I will talk about creation of “dTables” in our dapp. In dTables we need to insert records, for that we need to create dTables and columns in that dTable. Smart Contracts will be automatically created in which helps absolute beginners to learn easily about DAPP. Beginners in DAPP can watch and learn at their own pace. Call it blockchain app or blockchain dapp, it’s your choice.

In any centralized or decentralized app, we need to store information or records, so for that we need tables, and in case of Dapp, it’s called “dtables”.

Step 1 : Creating “dTables”

Step 2 : Adding Columns

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Step 3 : We will define 3 types (Type : Text, Type : Text and Type : Address)

Step 4 : We will see “contracts” section. In case of, code of contracts will be automatically generated and this will help beginners of dapp learners.

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Video on this part 03 :

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