Creating DAPP Tutorial 02 : Metamask & Test Ether


Creating your own DAPP (decentralized app) tutorial. In this video I will highlight some requirement before starting to build Dapp in Like, about metamask, test ether, rinkeby test network. Beginners in DAPP can watch and learn at their own pace. Call it blockchain app or blockchain dapp, it’s your choice.

Steps as discussed in video are as follows :

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click “Get Chrome Extension” (Since I’ll be using Chrome Browser in video)

Step 3 : Once installed, create account and note phrase for future purpose.

Step 4 : Login, and set metamask to “Rinkeby Test Network”

Step 5 : Now we need some “test ether” before starting to create our own dapp. For that, copy your metamask wallet address and make a public post in facebook or twitter. I did it in twitter.

Step 6 : Copy that post’s url and paste it in going here :

Step 7 : Click give me ether and choose one option. Done.

Ok, stay tuned for part 3 of creating dapp tutorial.

In any confusion, watch video below :

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