Solved : HDD Partition Shows Space used but files are not showing

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Your harddisk partition space is used, but files not showing up ? So, reason maybe one of the following :

  • File System Errors
  • Infected by virus or malicious files
  • Supply power to hdd is not enough or not stable
  • “Hidden” properties applied
  • Worse, hdd is being corrupted soon.

Here are the solution, if one solution not worked, try another :

Solution 1) Run chkdsk via command prompt. Go to CMD (search it), open cmd as administrator and run following command.

chkdsk h: /f         (assuming that partition is “h”)

Solution 2) Run data recovery in that particular partition. Once you get your desired data, then format that partition.

Solution 3) Make sure “hidden” properties is checked. Click “View”. In the Show/hide section, make sure “Hidden items” is checked.

Solution 4) Last, just try changing your usb connector of hdd.

Solution 5) If all above didn’t worked, do not lose hope. Take it to your nearest Data Recovery Expert.

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