Exploring world with Benevolence


What really kindliness is?Is it the way of treating people with love and well-being? Well, my perspective is, it is a way of making ourselves mellow that helps to make other people in comfort. Let me go through another question, how would the world look like if the quantity of kindliness increases, if terrors prey on innocent victims, if people think not only for themselves but for the whole world. Kindness not only means being good to human beings but it also means human being should not indulge in sinful or cruel activities towards living creatures. It is said that in return of kindness we get kindness. For instance, when we nurture plants will love, care and affection they grow big and bear fruits. These fruits are in the form of response in return of our kindness.

The word is Kindness. Kindness towards one another should be a common goal among not just us and our peers, but for everyone. Every time we do an act of kindness, such as helping an old lady cross the street or even something as small as opening a door for a stranger, we are creating a better mood and environment for all who witnessed it. These simple acts make people want to do the same, soon enough, you have just affected millions of people with a single small act. A small drop in a pond can create a ripple that spans the entire surface. So as the saying goes, one man can quite literally change the world. We all come from different walks of life, from the fortunate, to the unfortunate to the ones in the middle, we are all people and we all have feelings and individual thoughts. You don’t know the baggage someone is carrying in their personal life, so what’s the point of making it heavier? Words also have an impact on people.

Creation of kindliness in the world ain’t a easy task but it doesn’t seem to impossible. We are made for mission, to make a difference. I’ve always been inspired by the words of Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Yet sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in doing “big things” that impact on others, and we can forget how important the small things are. Rather than focusing on changing the world, perhaps if we each focused on doing our little bit of good where we are, on simply being kind to those around us, we could create a tidal wave of transformation. My first memories of learning about kindness came from my grandmother. She lived in a outskirt and when I was in primary school, she would call early every Sunday morning. Each week she would ask me two questions.The first was: “Have you been to Mass?”. The second question: “Have you been kind to your mother?”For her, faith and kindness were inseparable, as she sought to teach me the value of doing small things out of love.She wasn’t a famous person, she wasn’t successful in the eyes of the world.

Showing kindness costs nothing and is not governed by economic status, language or geographical location. No matter how many eloquent words we speak, how great our programs to support the poor are, or how much of a difference we make, the call to show genuine kindness in the way we relate is crucial to our dealing with others. Sometimes it can seem that we are surrounded by a society full of wars, violence, corruption and confusion. Being kind can serve as a way of counteracting the negativity that surrounds us. In fact, it’s far easier to be kind than to be unkind. Let us courageously look at our lives and consider how we can be even more kind to others, conscious that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Let us be aware that if we want to bring about change, if we want our society to be more empathetic and kind, it begins with me. May we be the voice of kindness that we wish to see in our families, in our local communities and in our world.

Often, though, the same people who want to make fun of others, are the ones that need the most help. Regardless of what side of the spectrum we are in, never be quick to judge others, even if they just said something offensive, we all have lapses in our judgment, it happens to all of us. So please, next time you see someone drop their books, help pick them up, you notice an elderly woman having troubles with her groceries? Help her take them to the car. I challenge you to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. “Never look down on anyone unless you are there to help them up”. In this way, we could explore the world on which benevolence exists.

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