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The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain and network project, capable of handling millions of transactions per second if necessary, and both user-friendly and service provider-friendly. We aim for it to be able to host all reasonable applications currently proposed and conceived. One might think about TON as a huge distributed supercomputer, or rather a huge “superserver”, intended to host and provide a variety of services.

This text is not intended to be the ultimate reference with respect to all implementation details. Some particulars are likely to change during the development and testing phases. Details


Date Events and Milestones
Q3 2013 Launch of Telegram Messenger and the Telegram API.
Q2 2015 Launch of the Bot API and Platform.
Q2 2017 Launch of the Payments Platform.
Q2 2017 Start of the development of TON.
Q1 2018 Launch of Telegram External Secure ID
Q2 2018 Launch of the Minimal Viable Test Network of TON
Q3 2018 Testing and security audits of TON
Q4 2018 Deployment of the stable version of TON
Q4 2018 Launch of Telegram Wallet
Q1 2019 Creation of TON-based economy in Telegram
Q2 2019 Launch of TON Services, TON Storage and TON Proxy.

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