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Note : To get free verified hard copy certificate of this course, please send message to BABA COMPUTERS. (Only in Nepal. Before applying for certificate, please read details HERE.)
Kali Linux Course, Lesson 02 – Features and Installation :

Things I like most in Kali Linux :

– Live Boot

– Full Installation

– Full Disk Encryption

– Forensics Mode (Live)

– PenTest Tools (Huge)

– Forensics Tools

Installation :

– My lab demonstration for this course will be in Vmware Workstation. (setup video below). Or, you can use any other virtualization software.

– Download Kali Linux from here.

Verifying Integrity & Authenticity of downloaded Kali Linux file :

“The fact that Kali relies on a network of external mirrors to distribute the image means that you should not blindly trust what you download. The mirror you were directed to may have been compromised, or you might be the victim of an attack yourself. To alleviate this, the Kali project always provides checksums of the images it distributes” via kali site.

– Once checksum is verified, you can now move further to install kali linux.

Assigning Memory (RAM) to OS in virtual machine. (This topic covered in video below).

At the end, some question for you :

– Difference between Live Boot and Full Installation ?

– Why do we need to validate the checksum of file ?

– RAM assign and OS in Virtual machine. Define.

Video of this lesson :

Setup video (old one) :

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