Cyber Security Tools for 2019

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It’s all about experience, dedication and work you did, do in your daily life when it comes to field of Cyber Security. There are much more tools available,and user who finds comfortable seat with other tools rather than mentioned here.

Disclaimer : Mentioned below, cyber security tools for 2019 is solely my own best. For other, juice choice might be different. I said, it’s all about their passion, work and experience.

1) Metasploit Framework
.Developing, Testing and Executing Exploits. 

2) HexorBase
.Centralized location, administering, auditing multiple database servers, bruteforce attacks and sql queries.
3) Wireshark
.Packet Analyzer, Network Traffic, Troubleshoot, Deep Analysis.
4) OSINT Framework 
.Publicly available huge information, info collection. Different, lots of resources.

5) Nessus 
.Threats, Potential Attacks, Vulnerability Scanner, Remote Scanning, lot more. 
6) BurpSuite
. Security Test, Web application, Application attack surface analysis. 
7) WPscan
.Wordpress, Bruteforce, Vulnerabilities. 
8) NMAP 
. Network Mapper, Scanning, Ports, Services, Response. 
Src : HHN

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