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Me and my friends are SEE students and we joined baba computers on 3rd baisakh 2076 B.S..When we joined it they told us to join on bhudki.com so that we can answers some questions related to computers.

Firstly,I tried to register my email account in bhudki and then i didn’t know what to do clearly then i asked my friend and he helped me.He told me to log in and put my email id and push the button i am not a robot.Then,i exactly did the same.And it worked.I then,have gone to the home page of bhudki but i was confused.Then,i did some screenshots and send it to my friend.He helped me with that by saying “read all the things properly”.

I started to read all the queries in it.Then i watched some videos and i understood how to use bhudki properly.I saw that we earn points on bhudki by posting different educational things and 1000p = NRs100.And we can get some simple pocket money by posting some educational things.Instead of using facebook or using tik tok or playing pubg we can invest our valuable time in bhudki and we can earn money.The admin of this bhudki and the teacher of baba computer put some questions in bhudki.And,i gave some answers in it.

I am really enjoying using bhudki.com. And, it is very helpful site.

Note : Featured image is via pixabay.

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