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As I was a kid, I used to think teachers have the easiest job. “Grab some books and markers, get into the class, turn to a random page and start blabbering about whatever topic is in it. This is all what teachers have to do! It’s easy!” thought mini me. But…I was wrong! I was unaware and ignorant about daily roller coaster rides of teaching career.
Little did I know that I myself was going to be a teacher some day and write an article about what we teachers have to through in school every day. So without further due, I would like to share my first-hand experience about things a teacher does and experiences every day.

1. Rising before the alarm goes off: Yes, you read that right. We teachers have habit of rising in the morning before our alarm goes off. How? Well, they say “practice makes man perfect”. When we do something as a routine, we become habitual to it. It’s the same with waking up in early, chilly morning with baggy eyes. And I am not wrong when I say we teachers don’t want to leave their warm and cosy bed for a war-like day.

2. Caffeine dose: One thing that gives a kick start to the day is caffeine (tea or coffee). Caffeine is the ultimate source of energy for teachers. Without 3, 4 or even more cups of coffee, we cannot survive one single stressful school day. We simply adore coffee and tea, and never ever say no to a freshly brewed cup of caffeine.

3. Dabs and dame tu cositas: The year 2018 brought some new dance moves in the world, namely: ‘Dab’ and ‘The alien dance from song- dame tu cosita’. Whether they knew the meaning or understood the language or not, kids in school trained themselves in learning these moves. They look cool, but when a teacher is teaching a serious lesson and then a kid gets up and swishes both hands straight upto his forehead suddenly, or starts doing the alien dance…that creates a sudden surprise along with interruption in lesson.
Sadly, these moves still prevail and time-to-time appear in class-rooms and school grounds. They just pop up out of nowhere.

4. Not much chance to speak: This does not happen everyday but in every period, every class. A simple base-line concept of teaching is that a teacher speaks and students listen, isn’t it? But, that does not happen in every class. After every two minutes a tiny hand shots up asking for either toilet or some irrelevant question. Students really test their teachers’ nerve.
In these cases, teachers have to raise their hands up to say – “May I please say something?” Believe me, it takes a whole lot of patience to tolerate interruptions.

5. Dealing with every student differently: A very popular saying defines this topic easily: “Walking in a class is like walking in a park. But that park is Jurassic Park”. Truly, it’s not easy to deal with students who have different nature as each mind is different from the other. Some kids have loudspeaker in their throat and some are as silent as mice, some sit attentively in chair whereas some kids make their table a cricket pitch.
From time-to-time, teachers prepare strategies to mould every kind of mind in his/her class. If the plans don’t work, it’s always upto teachers to bear complains and work over everything again.

6. Control over bladder: With eight hours of work and one 20 minutes lunch break, we teachers hardly get to steal a minute to empty our bladders. With bladder full and throat sore (from shouting) we somehow manage to walk around the day.

7. Extra work at home: “Wow, finally the day is off. I’m at home chilling over my sofa with some snacks. Life is so good.”…well this is just a thought; not reality. Almost everyday teachers bring extra works from school to home. In school we get busy enough to keep ourselves away from correcting papers and preparing documents. So what we do is we bring all the grading and other paper works home and work till midnight. This kills our sleep, but hey! we don’t want to keep works pending for another day.

All-in-all, teachers are the unsung heroes of the world. The effort they put on their work cannot be seen, but the fruits their hard work produce can be fed on for lifetime. A salute to all those mind moulders who work extra hours with baggy eyes and full bladder.

Note : This is user submitted post. Featured image is via Pixabay.

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