Hiragana Full Chart. In Romaji & Nepali. Japanese Language for Beginners.

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Welcome to this Hiragana Full Chart, which includes ‘Hiragana, Romaji and Nepali‘, to make it easy for beginner learner of Japanese Language & Hiragana for beginners.

In any confusion, or if you want to ask any questions related to Japanese Language, then you can ask question here,  QUESTIONS. We and Sensei will reply to your questions. Below you can find HIRAGANA FULL CHART.

Hiragana Japanese Language. In Romaji & Nepali. For Beginners.

あ- आ - a い- ई - i う- उ - u え- ए - e お- ओ - o
か- का - kaき- कि - ki く- कु - kuけ- के - ke こ- को - ko
さ- सा - saし- सी - siす- सु - suせ- से - seそ- सो - so
た- ता - ta ち- ची - つ- चुて- ते - te と- तो - to
な- ना - na に- नि - niぬ- नु - nu ね- ने - ne の- नो - no
は- हाひ- हीふ- फुへ- हे ほ- हो
ま- मा - maみ- मी - mi む- मु - mu め- मे - me も- मो - mo
や- या - ya ゆ- यु - yuよ- यो - yo
ら- रा - raり- री - riる- रु - ruれ- रे - reろ- रो - ro
わ- वा - waん- अःを- वो - wo

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