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To bring improvement in reading skill of students and to make reading fun, a teacher must conduct a guided reading lesson every once in a while. As the words – “Guided” and “Reading” itself say that the activity is about guiding kids to read. But how do we guide children to read grade level books? Answer – we have to use different reading activities to make reading not only knowledgeable, but also fun for both children and teacher. Below are some suggestions and ideas for conducting guided reading lessons:

1. Choose grade level books for children: The first and the easiest thing a teacher can and should do for guided reading is choose or help to choose books according to reading level of kids. The teacher should choose such books that his/her kids will understand properly without much difficulty. Choose books that are knowledgeable and interesting to read. E.g: for primary level kids, books having pictures with single words or just simple one-line sentences are a must as kids in those level learn by seeing and visualizing.

2. Conduct group reading activities: This is a very fun-to-do reading technique. To involve some team work in reading, we can divide children into pairs or teams and ask them to be each others’ reading partners. For this, teacher can come up with any strategy. As for me, I ask kids to turn wise read books to each other and help each other to read and understand difficult or new words. This makes reading fun with friends.

3. Before hand visualizing and inquiry: Before starting to read, teachers can simply show a picture from the book and ask students to guess what the book must be about. The students will have to imagine, guess and share their ideas regarding what the book must be about. This technique helps to get kids excitement to explore the book they are about to read. And as the reading session proceeds, a teacher can time to time stop in between and let the kids guess what’s going to happen next in the book. Ask questions that will keep them hooked up.
E.g: “What do you think is going to happen to little red riding hood if the wolf eats her before she reaches grandma’s house?”

4. Follow up reading technique: This is a traditional technique of reading in which the students have to follow one person or teacher. They read whatever the teacher or any other person reads. However, it is effective in few ways. Through this technique, the kids learn to recognize words and pronounce them in correct manner.

5. Self reading: A teacher can allow kids to read books on their own, but he/she will have to monitor and guide them. It’s a free technique through which kids will automatically develop confidence to read, and this helps them to become independent readers. This technique is most helpful for the kids who face difficulty to read on their own. It has also proved to be one of the most enjoyable reading techniques for kids.

6. Interaction through out the lesson: Keep interacting with kids through out reading session, ask them questions, allow them to share their ideas or experiences. This stirs up the kids and makes them feel more involved. Kids are inquisitive and interactive; they’re meant to be that way. I’m sure if we have enough patience to listen, they definitely have loads to share.

7. Pointing out new words: A teacher should ask kids to point out words that are new and difficult for them, help them understand the meanings and help to pronounce them correctly. This technique boosts vocabulary knowledge.

8. Learning by spelling and recognizing sound of words: This a technique that I use a lot to help kids with reading problems. When they feel difficult to pronounce any word, I ask them to first spell it and then try to speak it. This way, they learn to recognize the word, remember the spellings mostly and make atleast 50% correct pronunciation on their own.

Lastly, I would like to add that we, both teachers and non-teachers, should always motivate kids to learn and also appreciate them for how they perform while learning.

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