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Exercise is a core elements in-order to live a balanced life , where it could be a mutual advantages of a healthy living and healthy food.

Today, all humans are more conscious regarding health issue. These kind of awareness are emerged due to lot of unexpected diseases. Balance diet are more likely to be common, people and limited amount of carbohydrate and try to consume more protein with their regular intake. Companies like Apple and FitBit are also have started focusing on different medical kit fro measure heathier life (i.e I watch, fit-bit watches). Applications like Runtastic Running and Fitness Tracker, LifeSum, MyfitnessPal and different workout and diet applications by analyzing and following various trends and calories intake and many more. People have started calculating and more likely to track what they have been doing and what are their intakes for a day, week and month with MyChart and OhioHealth. This actually help them to measure about the meal plan and various nutrients and their spec types.

In other hand exercise is not only about physical activities it’s all about the dedication and consistency with out regular fitness plan is one of the choices along with proper digital diet sheet via. app and google keep. Here, I believe both are equally crucial in order to stay balanced where a healthy life reflects a complete combination of a proper diet and regular exercise with disciplines.

We can clearly observe people with tight schedule seems to be more stresses and tensed but a regular guy maintaining his/her food plan are more likely to be refreshed and active during all sort of activities.Our Brain, Heart, and Circulation of blood are working together could lead to a good life style.

As, we can directly compare the lifestyle of urban and rural, although it seems to be more easier life in rural area than urban, all because of the intensity of work. But if we observe previous WHO report of 2016, rural people do have less health issue and counted people have died due to the lack of proper medical treatment. With all the facilities people still are struggling to live a longer life.

So, this issue is also somehow related to hygienic intake with your meal do fulfill, some nutrients, urban people do spend their life with various physical activities. Food available in city area are more likely to be sell in comparative manner which leads to unhygienic and contaminated food for faster selling strategy. A balanced life is not all about a proper diet and exercise but the way we pursue it. Balanced diet will somehow do 60(percent) of function but to fulfill 40 (percent) of dedication also reflect a maintained lifestyle ignorer to overcome stress and to tackle upcoming and ongoing tackles for a better balanced life.


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