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Entrepreneurship is not just about starting new ventures. Creating values and coming up with innovations and new techniques and possible ways of solving problems is Entrepreneurship. In other words, it is about taking financial risks and using your ideas into the market. Young entrepreneurs of Nepal find a lot of difficulties starting a new venture. With financial risks, there are a lot of factors like government policies, availability of resources, target market, market size and a lot more due to which it is really difficult to stand. Yet, entrepreneurs in Nepal have high possibilities because of the opportunities and the prospects Nepal can offer.

The following could be some of the opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Nepal:

1. Unemployment: Nepal is a developing country and has a really high unemployment rate. The main reason for this is people who should be starting their ventures are flying to countries like Dubai, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, and others, just to work for others. The thing is they are not looking at the bigger picture here. Cause apart, high unemployment is one the major opportunities for entrepreneurs as they can build a strong and driven and motivated people because everyone is looking for a job and no one can find one and when you make them come together and work together, you have the most driven and motivated team.

2. Fewer competitors: Everyone here in Nepal is flying abroad and we are more dependent in remittance rather than our own income from exports/profits. Since everyone who should be innovating and developing is somewhere else. it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish something here.

3. Investors: Nepal is a developing country and developing itself is an opportunity for investors to invest in. Nepal is potential of achieving anything great and if entrepreneurs dare enough and come up their best ideas, there are so many investors out there willing to make contributions and a lot of investment because they know it’s an opportunity. And it is time for us to realize that, yes, it really is a great opportunity. It’s now or never.

Apart from Nepal’s political stability, Nepal desperately needs entrepreneurship development. Yes, many organizations like startups and others are trying hard to find people with innovative ideas and invest in which is a good sign. But now. the government really need to FOCUS or else Nepal will be in a jeopardy.

Please comment if you have any other possible opportunities and if you are reading this, please make sure to give feedback.

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