Voice of a Raped Girl


She was a girl.A beautiful girl who just had came in to this world but she didn’t knew that this world can be so cruel .She was so unaware that she thought that every people were as beautiful & pure as her heart .She grew up And became five years old .Now she started going to elementary school she can learn some words so that she was very happy because she had made a friend Sushma and they had now became best friends.As she grew up she says to her mom that she will become a doctor in future .She started dreaming about how beautiful her life was going to be .Now she became 16 years old but she was so nervous why? because it was the time for the result of see result .When result came she became so happy because she has passed with good marks.That day she was celebrating her success of the exam with her friends.

They didn’t realize that it was getting darker outside.Her mother called and scold to came home soon.As soon as she cut her mothers phone she rushed for her home,but she didn’t realize it was dark outside and no one was around .She started getting scared & she started running as she realize that someone was following her.Then someone calls her name and she get the strength and when she turned she was relieved seeing her own neighbor dai .She asked what he was doing at this late hour but he began to push her & she became scared before she scream for help he put his hand in her mouth & began to do as he wish to her body .At that moment she was helpless she cant even move her body she was crying from pain.She got rapped.That neighbor went away and she barely picked herself up and started taking steps to her home .She was shocked she went direct to her bedroom and started crying her mother asked her what happened she said everything instead of going to police she says to keep quiet .She does as her mother says.

But she couldn’t forget what happened.After few months that neighbor dai got married & she got pregnant.Her mother take her to hospital but it was too late to get abortion. Whole neighborhood started speaking about her and her family started cursing her .She started getting mentally ill all she can hear was the voice of neighbors and her family cursing.She decided to take her life,she cut her wrist slowly her body was leaving her and then she memorized her dreams happiness later she closed her eyes and let her dream flow with the blood of her death.

Note : Featured Image via Pixabay

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