E-business Technology & Social Impact


E-business represents an important elements of contemporary business and it is an elements that continue to expand as a market force in different places. The rapid development of the Internet and e-business has created not only economic opportunities, but also significant social challenges with profound implication for individuals. Communities and for society as a whole. E-business has challenged our concepts of privacy, intellectual property, and even our ideas about national sovereignty and governance. Amazon, AliBaba and different online shopper maintain assorted advertising. The theft of information is also a crucial social consequence in E-business. Online sellers can ship damaged goods to costumer.Amazon prime and its logistic services is an example and quote the importance of t=Time f= Factor (TF*)

E-business may offer the potential for shifting the balance of opportunity, wealth and social and political inclusion. As much as these trends can be beneficial to the majority of rural community, they are also likely to bring unanticipated effects on cultural and social norms.
Indigenous traditions that have so far survived. These type of impact are just as significant as changes in bottom-line incomes, and can really changed by forces largely beyond the control.
There are lot of payment and these are the list I will explain on by one on my next post.
1> Electronic funds transfer.
2> Electronic cheque.
3> Purchasing e-cards.
4> E-cash-smart cards.
5> Electronic bill presents and payment.
6> Pay at ATM
7> Micropayments.
8> B2B special Methods.and many more……

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