Millennium Development Goals and Nepal


The General Assembly of UNO in 1990 kept an objective on reducing poverty at global level and set objectives for international development. Accordingly, the UNO Millennium Summit in September 2000 set the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) popularly known as Millennium Declaration. The summit unveiled a manifesto on alleviating both types of poverty: economic and humanitarian. It had eight goals and twenty one indicators, and had fixed 2015 AD as the time on achieving those goals based on 1990’s resolution. The declaration was adopted by 189 countries and signed by 147 heads of state and government.

As per Nepal’s MDG progress report, Nepal got partial success in achieving most of the goals. The Millennium Development Goals and Nepal’s achievement were as follow:
1. Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
-Goal set by Nepal : 23.8%
-Achievement : 23.8%

2. Achieve universal primary education
-Goal set by Nepal : to provide primary education to every child
-Achievement : school enrollment: 96.2%, Literacy rate 88.6%

3. Promote gender equality and empower women
Goal set by Nepal: End of gender inequality and school enrollment
Achievement: admission ratio of boys and girls-1.03 in primary education and Women’s involvement in non-agro field- 44.8%

4. Reduce child mortality
Achievement: 38 per thousand

5. Improve maternal health
Achievement: 258

6. Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases like Malayria, TB etc.
Achievement : HIV infection 0.20%

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