Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

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A.I (Artificial Intelligence) or call it Machine Learning (M.L.) plays very important role in Cyber Security. For human,  to adapt new skills takes time. But machines can adapt it quickly. A.I. systems operates similar to human nature. Getting input, analyzing it and processing the data on their own – – makes A.I.  more powerful and efficient processing machine.

Cyber Security is all about protecting data from unauthorized access. Depending upon organisation, projects they handle, data they process – – required level of cyber security is defined. Security professionals are involved in defending against attacks and minimizing threats to system, and this requires continuous monitoring by themselves. Yes at some point, software creates alert but after alert, system needs human to analyze it. What if A.I. could handle it ? Large number of processing can be done with greater efficiency by rapid detection of incidents and automated response to incident.

In cyber security, for security professionals there are lots of processes that needs to be done in repetitive manner, which surely will take more time. So if we could design A.I. in such a way that it understands the patterns and can response in accordance to that patterns, then this will save a lot of time and will also help in getting efficient results.

In case of humans, we find new threat, and then act according to that threat. But in case of A.I. it must be different. Like, A.I. systems should be able to detect new threat or uncover new vulnerabilities depending upon millions of complex patterns that it already analyzed and processed.

With new technology emerging on daily basis, its much more difficult for each and everyone to be fully secure from cyber attacks. In future, manually trying to solve these issue is not possible, so experts should feed these A.I. systems with complex algorithm, so that A.I. can detect incident and response to it in automated fashion.

What could be other role of A.I. in Cyber Security field ? Let us know via comment.

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