Methods Business can do to prevent Data Breaches.

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As we all know, cyber security field is being more populated with latest technology and threats to upcoming future related to Business and Corporate Section.  No system is 100 percent secured and somewhere there lies loophole where bad guys penetrate through. Data, Privacy and standard of any company is most important thing in today’s era.

Here are some methods that business can try or do to prevent data breaches, in other way can at least defend against unauthorized access or harm to company.

Educate your employees :

Employee needs awareness. They need some beginner training stuff. Teach them about some basic cyber security terms and threats.

Hire well :

Don’t go for skills at first attempt. Try some questions regarding concept of person you are hiring, then go for experience and then look for skill at last. Hire your employee after in depth clear details on them.

The less data, the better management and processing :

Try to store and process as much as less data. Do not try to save junk files in store for long time. Immediately clear them from storage. Either its physical or virtual, take action as soon as possible.

Monitor BYOD programs if available :

Some company allows employees to bring their own devices likes : Laptop, Pendrive e.t.c. and some do not allow. If your company allows to bring such devices, then make a strong rule that employees should follow. Who knows, their compromised system may compromise your system too ? Right ?

Update Software and Systems : 

This is most important point. Yes you should regularly monitor and make your system up to date. Unknown vulnerabilities and bugs gets patched with updates, that particular software vendor releases.

Ethical Hackers and Security Professionals : 

Depending upon company size, projects on which company works, you should hire Certified Professionals of Security field. They will regularly handle and maintain your system.

Prepare for worst :

Anytime, any kind of attack can be initiated towards your network, so be prepared for it. Design flow process for incidents that may happen. How to react, what to do, who will handle . . . these sorts of planning should be made initially.

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