Passwordless Web : End of Password Era ?

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“Microsoft account holders could now log in to services like Outlook, Office, Skype and Xbox Live without using a password”, announcement came from microsoft on 20 November 2018.

Well, what is Passwordless Web and how it can end the era of Passwords ? We will try to look some of its details below in this article.

Official Microsoft site shows us something about password less approach as : Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, FIDO 2 Security Keys, Microsoft Edge. Detail here.

Windows Hello : For personal and work PCs, nothing is more convenient than signing in with facial or fingerprint recognition. The biometric is stored securely on the device—never shared externally.

Microsoft Authenticator : Authenticate without a password when accessing your personal or work account by combining your phone and your fingerprint, face, or PIN. The app is built with security technology similar to that of Windows Hello and is portable to take wherever you go.

FIDO 2 Security Keys : Replace passwords with a FIDO2 security key that takes multi-factor authentication to the next level with standards-based protocols that use biometrics, PIN, and NFC—and fits in your pocket.

Microsoft Edge : For even greater flexibility and convenience, you can authenticate without a password with your FIDO2-compliant browser. Microsoft Edge supports the broadest set of password-less authenticators.

More other details like : Passwordless Email Authentication, Token Based Authentication, Biometric Authentication e.t.c are getting high concentration these days.

Being on a surface and asking question like, “Is passwordless approach more secure”, and technically speaking, YES will be the answer. 

This article covered some basic understanding of Passwordless Future. What are your thoughts on it, let us know in comment.

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