How to make a customized pillow for gift


Things you will need:
2.White cover / color of any kind as cover (it should be plain)
3.Fabric paint

You will need a pillow of your desired size and a cover, a plain cover of your desired color. If your pillow is white or the color that you desire, you may not use the cover. In such cases, you could start the tracing and stuffs directly in your pillow. If we use cover, the pillow can be used again and again with different kind of cover. The desired design can be printed in a hardcover paper so that the desired design part could be cut and traced in the cover with the help of fabric paints or if you’re confident enough you can simply start in the cover itself by placing a thick cardboard or thick paper inside the cover in order to maintain the plain surface. The pillow can then be customized as the way you want by using a fabric paint of desired color.

Fabric paints are unwashable and hence doesn’t go when washed. The result can be used as a showpiece, a gift to loved one. Different kind of prints are directly printed in the cover with the help of animations and printer. This DIY is easy and shows a person’s hard work and is inexpensive.

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