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When I was in school, I used to think of teaching as the easiest profession of all. Just enter the class with a book, turn to a page and start talking about it; that’s what I used to think. But, I was wrong. After I joined a school as a grade teacher, I realized that teachers don’t just get in a class and start teaching whatever they feel like; they have a lesson. And, that’s the first thing I learned about after starting my career.

Now, preparing a lesson can be really frustrating if you are not aware about the contents you need to put in them. So, here are the most important points to be included in a lesson plan:

1. Lesson topic: Choosing a topic is the first and easiest step of preparing a lesson. You can go through course books or teach something out of the book, the choice is yours.

2. Objectives: Objectives act as a base or foundation of a lesson plan. They tell you what to do and where your lesson should head to. If you are starting a new topic or about to teach something new, you should first think about why you are going to teach that, and that’s where your objectives help you.
The objectives should be set up in such a way that they should help you in teaching-learning process. They should be set considering learning/skill growth of your students so that the result after the lesson would be productive. Your lesson objectives should promote bringing some kind of improvement in your students.

3. Materials: In the third step, you need to prepare materials and objects you and your students will need during a lesson. The materials can be something that’s used everyday, like: books, colors, pencils and erasers. Or, they can also be something that are used while doing some fun activities or craft works in or outside the class, like: glue-sticks, colored papers, different geometrical shapes, etc.

4. Activities: Activities are the tasks that you and your students perform during a lesson. The activities in your lesson should clearly reflect what you are going to teach and how, which means that the activities you plan should be prepared about the tasks or class-works your class will perform. Also, activities should be objective oriented. You should plan activities in such way that the lesson objectives could be met. And also, you need to prepare activities considering time limits of your period and course.
As a suggestion, plan activities which are fun and easy to teach as well as to do.

5. Time: When you are preparing for upcoming classes, you need to watch for the time limits as well. Do not prepare such activities that take more than the specified time. However, a lengthy activity can be broken and divided into two or more than two lessons (periods) if required.

6. Evaluation or target for students: After or during a lesson it is important for a teacher to evaluate students’ performances and check whether the objectives have been met or not. So the next thing you need to do is set a goal/target, which should be somehow related to your lesson objectives and activities, for your students.
E.g: If your plan is to teach about geometrical shapes to primary kids, your targets can be to make kids recognize and name various geometrical shapes.

7. Homework: Last but not the least, homework and assignment planning. You should design and plan homeworks in such a way that the students would learn and have fun in doing them at the same time.
E.g: If you teach about planets then you can give making planets from tennis balls as an assignment.
Always provide homeworks related to something that students have either learned or know about.

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