How to make DIY smart phone cover easily.

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Things you will need:
• Transparent smartphone cover
• Random newspaper/article/picture/drawing/ photograph/anything that specifically shows some graphics or texts that individual likes
• Stickers/Glitter
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Paper cutter

First kind: own design customized phone case
First, choose yourself an image, could be any kind of paper and any design you prefer. Put the selected artwork beneath the clear transparent cover and with the help of a pencil, trace out the transparent cover with each hole in the artwork properly and carefully. The artwork could be made larger than the case size or normal size as of case. Then cut out the traced portion of the artwork carefully using the scissors. It’s kind of hard to get the exact size inside the cases, so if it still doesn’t fit, more amount can be cut. Then, trim and cut the part of the hole in the artwork as per traced by the help of pencil using the paper cutter. Place the cutout and trimmed artwork inside the transparent cover and each hole should be seen properly. Then, finally put the cover in the mobile phone and tadaaa , your new phone case is ready. Different other kinds of artwork could be cut down in the same way and hence could result in a different kind of unique cover and could save an individual their money.
This can also be used as a gift to someone close to you and can also be made when one feels bored.

Second kind: using sticker or glitter
First, choose yourself a sticker or a good amount of glitter of your preference. For the glitter case, put the amount of glitter you want, in the phone case, and then place your phone over it, and your glitter case is ready. Honestly, this will not be long lasting and reliable as the first kind, but it will look stylish and photogenic for aesthetic pictures. For the case which needs the sticker, place the cover in your phone as your normally put it, then add a different kind of stickers to make it look cute. The stickers might leave some glue in the cover when you try to peel it off. This case will look cute and will make your phone look more attractive.
This can also be used as a gift to someone close to you and can also be made when one feels bored and could save an individual their money.

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