Greenish Maya


It all started about 1 years back…
When I was taking coaching for Engineering Entrance Exam…
I was walking into the lecture hall along with my friends….
due to rush we had to wait…..
Then suddenly a girl stopped….
and made way for us to enter the class….
It was the first time that I saw this girl…
She looked so sincere and her physical appearance was like cherry on the top….
I was so mesmerized with her gesture….
that I started looking for her from the next day…..
Actually i’m fond of Japanese And Korean Girls and I do not ever think that i would ever be interested in any Nepali Girls…..
But she made a difference and I’m still surprised….
We were in same batch but I hardly noticed her before…..
Actually I’m a kind of introvert….
I used to be in my own world….
But after that incident..
I used to watch her from another seat during our boring Lectures….
She had that kind of aura around her which totally killed the monotony of those lectures….

In next few days I started noticing her more and more…..
I tried to pay attention to every single detail about her…
like the way she walked, how she talked, her laugh, chatting with her friends in the hallway…..
Almost everything…

I didn’t understand that I had started liking her…
Until every time I saw her talk to someone, I just wanted to be them……
Yet I couldn’t talk to her….
I knew that I had to control myself and just study….
But whenever I saw her, I forgot everything and was filled with excitement….
Each day was filled with the excitement of seeing her again as well as the sadness of not being able to talk to her…..
She used to wear a dark green Kurta frequently….
So I and my friends kept her nick name “Greenish Gal “…..
I know it’s kind of weird, ha-ha….but so nicknames are…
My friends had great time teasing me with her nick name…..
It was totally like a dream because I never thought of someone like that before and that to an Nepali….
So it was quite surprising for me to take all that for real…..
Though, this dream was on its termination due to the end of classes…..
So on the last day, my friends insisted me….
To do something for her….
Something, which will get me into her notice because she never noticed me…..


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