Dilemma, “I fell in love with my own relative”


I fell in love with someone who is my own close relative, my cousin. I don’t know why I fell in love with him. Actually his smile attracted me towards him. His smile is the only thing that I saw in my entire life. I don’t know what to do next. I think I am in love with him. But I don’t know whether it is love or infatuation. I never had this type of feeling before. I just want to see him every day and everywhere. When he comes near me I don’t know what to do and what to say. We don’t talk much. He is an extrovert person and I am an introvert. Our some attitude and behavior exactly match. But most of the things don’t match. I never saw him with that type of thing before. But I have started looking him in some another kind of way. When I first saw him when I was maybe 8 I was small and didn’t look upon him that way.

But when I met him few months back everything attracted me towards him. Nothing could stop me. I know this is infatuation but my heart is not ready to accept that truth. I just blindly love everything about him. When he is near me or beside me I feel something. My heart begins to beat faster and faster, I begin to think too much, sometimes I start to shake too. But at the same time I am very happy than the best thing that gave me pleasure before. Now I am at that particular age where a girl is attracted to a boy or a boy is attracted to a girl easily. I was a person who was focused only on my future and career but today I am distracted. Distracted with his loving behavior, distracted by his elegant and beautiful eyes and the most thing that distracts me about his is his never ending most beautiful smile. I don’t know whether it is love or infatuation but the truth is I really like him and I am attracted to him every second I see him. Is this love?

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