The word photography is derived from Greek word. It is made up of two words photo and graphy, where photo means light and graphy means to draw, to sketch or to write. So, in simple word writing with light is called photography. Therefore, the whole process of recording images of an object, person or scene on photo sensitive material is called photography. It is the medium of communication through photographs and illiterate people also can understand through it.
As photography is regarded as the most interesting profession (job) around the world. But in Nepal, due to lack of academic knowledge and awareness about photography the people are not concerned about the importance of photography. But in today’s world the photography has become our daily needs and requirements. For e.g. we cannot imagine a newspaper without photographs, a television without photographs, a citizenship certificate without photo; it shows the importance of photography. The opportunity we are getting to see the past historical photographs of the persons, events and places due to photography.
Photography has its own objectives. One of the major objectives of photography is by creating awareness programs through different means of communication like newspapers, television, radio etc. The other objectives of photography are as follows:
1. To prepare skillful and knowledgeable human resource for the country.
2. Elevation of unemployment by creating self employment through learning photography.
3. To research on finding problems and its solution regarding photography.

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