Justice for Nirmala


It’s been months since a 13 year old girl was raped and strangled to death by them. But who are they? The answer for this question has not been solved yet. It is such a shame for our country that the investigators are not able to find that particular rapist and the government is not taking action even though many people of our country have raised rallies, campaign etc. Everyday Nirmala’s parents are hoping that one day their daughter would get justice. But is that possible? We don’t know.

Does the rapist know the pain that Nirmala’s parents are going through? A ninth grader Nirmala Pant who went to her friend’s house thinking that she might complete her homework. Did she think that she would be raped and murdered that day? No but she might be thinking that she would come home early and do rest of her things. But that particular day changed everything. And now she is no more. But in a hope that Nirmala would get justice her parents are wandering here and there every day.

According to the fiscal year 2017/018, 1480 rape and 628 murder cases have been reported in Nepal and this is not a joke. Like Nirmala, there are millions of girls in our country. Will they feel secure now? Like other girls Nirmala would also have some dreams that she might fulfill one day. But unfortunately that day could not come for Nirmala. The efforts of the people to give justice to Nirmala did not work. But still they have a hope. And let’s hope for the best. Lastly, a message for everyone try to protect the girls not to destroy them because she is like your mother and sister.
Will Nirmala be able to get justice?

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