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Well, PUBG is gathering a lot of attention of gamers who loves battle field and multiplayer shooting games. I personally started playing from late 2017. But I was finding a lot of difficulties in the beginning. Later on I tried to focus on some points to play well and get win in Pubg Mobile, Pubg pc.

Below are some points to focus on first :

  • Select spot to jump.

Yes, first decide where to land. If you are playing solo, then make sure that you are aiming to jump alone around. And in squad, decide with your teammates where to jump. If possible, select spot where less people jumps.

  • Choose spot or building for loot.

Notice where your team mates are running to get loot. And as much as possible try to get into spot or building where nobody is going for. Beginners goes in same building where teammate is running to. Avoid this initially. After getting gun, you can follow teammate later.

  • Focus on which bullet you need, how much bandage you need, level of helmet, vest e.t.c.

Once assigned level of bullet or items is reached, your player will not pick up those things. So, focus here, you need to know which bullet is for your gun in pubg mobile. And once you get those pick up point, pick bullets and med kit on your own.

  • Aggressive and Calm attack

Well, now comes attack phase. Your mind must be able to calculate this technique. Sometime we need to calm down before starting firing, and some time we must be aggressive in attack with non stop firing. Like, if your team mate is helping your other player, try to give cover if possible, and in this situation if opponent is trying to attack you, then you must play aggressive, trying to attack or block the opponent from getting clear shot to you or your teammate.

And calm play comes into action, when there are less players alive. Next situation, if opponent is not playing random move game, and is still in one place. Then be calm to take shot.

  • Listen sounds, use headphones

Yes, you notice that footsteps right ? Those firing right ? After playing few games on pubg mobile or pc, you can think of the spot where firing is coming, or if someone running around you or your building. Playing music and being on a pubg is not good if you want to win. You ear must be active. This is important tips for winning or surviving in pubg.

  • Don’t hesitate to fire 

I don’t know about others, but when I was playing initially, I used to fire stop-by-stop. This gave huge advantage to my opponent player. Because when you use stop-by-stop firing shots, then opponent will not get full damage fast, so they can knock you out. Remember, once enemy is seen, put on random fire shot, don’t stop to fire unless opponent hides or be knocked or killed. Just go on firing, don’t stop.

  • Vehicle role

When you see map, you may notice zone may go far, so in this case be secure with near vehicles or search it. You need vehicle most of the time in game, to save yourself or your teammate from Blue Circle of Death.

Next important thing, when zone gets smaller after 3 or 4 different zone, then do not use vehicle to enter to safe zone. Because your opponent may get your exact location because of vehicle indicator in map or sound of vehicle.

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