FIX PUBG Pure virtual function being called while application was running

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Mostly this error is seen in Windows 8 and windows 10.

 Pure virtual function being called while application was running, PUBG ERROR MSG

Solution flow for this error is :

  • Many solutions may refer you like “install or reinstall dotnet framework, update drivers, e.t.c But remember this is not the issue with windows 10. Do not follow that right now. Do this once you checked all below mentioned solutions.
  • The real problem is with VIRTUAL MEMORY
  • So you need to change the virtual memory setting manually.
  • Note this : (1.5x your RAM = min, 3x = max).
  • For chaning process, go to Advanced System Settings (Control panel > Sys & Security > System)
  • Note Your RAM.
  • Go to Advanced TAB of system Properties
  • Click Settings (Of performance)
  • Click on advance and click on change (of virtual memory, at bottom)

  • Deselect Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • Select Custom Size and fill the value for intital and maximum size (do some math, value idea is given above, try randomly unless problem is solved)
  • Click SET button. DONE
  • UPDATE : Then I noticed, problem again shown. Solution is, restart system. Works good.

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