How to Play PUBG in PC, Laptop ? Best for Low End PC

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So, your smartphone is not playing PUBG smoothly ? Or, you want to play PUBG in Mouse Friendly environment ? Reason maybe anything, now I’m going to provide you easy way to setup your low end pc or laptop to play PUBG very smoothly.

Step 1 : Download Tencent Gaming Buddy in your PC. Right now, their website is like below in image :

Step 2 : Once downloaded, double click it and setup.

Step 3 : Tencent Emulator will run now. You will by default see PUBG Mobile in emulator. Click and run install or download. It will be downloaded in that emulator and will be ready to run.

Step 4 : Screen like below will appear, once you successfully install PUBG in emulator in your pc.

Step 5 : Just click Play and game will launch.

Video Tutorial is here :

In this way, easily you can setup and play pubg in low end pc or laptop.

Note : For better performance in Low End pc, you must set the gameplay setting to low. By default, Tencent emulator does that for you.

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