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In today’s world, there are lots of ways to generate passive income and online money via different web platforms including social media also. Yes, it’s not like you click and you earn money online. So it needs some research, analysis and understanding of how different social media operates and how user interacts in different social media.

We are seeing different platforms like : Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, e.t.c. If some one knows how to be active in these platforms, then sure they can generate good online money driven earning methods.

How Pinterest can be used to earn online money ?

Well, statistics shows that around 80% users in pinterest are Females. So, you can be active there for selling good quality products for female for earning money. Like you can sell boutique items, lady fashion ware, hair accessories and more other. You can place affiliate links in pinterest can if you can drive traffic via pinterest, then there is 90% chance that you can earn good profit online money.

How Facebook can be used to earn online money ? 

No doubt, this is best option available right now for anyone to earn online money with little bit dedication to pages and groups of Facebook System. Creating a page and gaining good followers will definitely help getting traffic to your own adsense approved site, double benefit, there is adsense and also you are trying to sell something. Excellent platform for doing online business is facebook page. Also, you can run facebook group with particular topic. Like solving tech problems, discussion forum group etc. From there you can drive traffic to your sell point or website again.

How youtube can be used to earn passive online money ?

Well, if you can create good quality content videos on youtube then, sure you will get good subscriber base. Once you get that, then in one way, youtube continuously pays you, plus you can sponsor some clients, plus you can use affiliate links to send users to amazon or any other platform where they can buy stuffs and you will earn some extra online money. Jump into it right now. Remember do not try to fool viewers, be original and try to create good quality contents.

There are lots of platforms of social media to earn money online. It’s all about which platform you choose and how you work. All depends on your own creative ideas.

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