News : WinMiner brings cryptocurrency mining and passive income to the masses

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WinMiner makes you the most profits by turning your computing power to the highest paying use. Mining altcoins is a computational process that awards a chunk of coins, that can be sold into cash, to the confirmed solver of the computational challenge.

“In creating WinMiner, we envisioned a platform that anyone can easily use that means not only operating it with just one click but also absolutely no need to know anything about crypto and mining to enjoy its benefits, all the way to getting paid in real U.S. dollars,” – WinMiner

WinMiner also solves cryptocurrency’s other main issue, volatility. “We wanted our users to have an account balance in a ‘language’ they understand, so the WinMiner account balance is in U.S. dollars so users can know exactly how much they have earned, and their earnings do not suddenly shrink when crypto prices tumble,” Yarnitsky said. “A real-time earning estimate for each user is displayed on the software and the remote dashboard, providing visibility and full user control anywhere.”

Read full coverage here : VentureBeat


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