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Yes, yes, yes. . . almost everybody thinks that they are raising their child very well. I wanted the same thing, and we all parents want same thing for our lovely child, we want them to be happy, we want them to become a lovable person, we want them to follow their path to success, also secretly we need some love and care back from them when we are not so clearly able to live old life.

If kid wants something, then being their father or mother we from heart want to buy the stuff for them, and if we couldn’t afford for the stuff that kid is asking for, then in some corner of heart we feel bad. Why ? Because we love our kid. Here’s the point, stop fulfilling their all needs when it comes to point of buying goods and useless stuffs. Yes, point out difference between useful and useless demands. At some point, we need to buy that small red light glowing toy car for our children, but not always.

Even being old guy, I expect some love, some care from my grown up kids, who are now doing their own business and are almost busy with their own son and daughter. Here’s the point, make your child feel that you are there for them every time in all possible ways. Love them, care them. Whenever they tries to fall in wrong path, speak with them, try to teach them about that path’s result. Don’t be silent, speak to them. Try to get each and every small details from them, even if your kid is of 3 yrs old, speak with them. SPEAK MAN. SPEAK.

Punish with care when they are wrong, and immediately praise when they are right. Motivate them as much as you can. Remember, 1000 good words and one bad word, believe me child, “One bad word wins most of the time”. Do not let your kid feel guilty. Teach them both about success and role of failures in life. Teach this man, teach this. Yes, “Teach them both about success and role of failures in life”.

Do not say them, “you can’t do this”. Ask them whether they can try doing this or not. Try to give them some responsibilities from initial stage of growth.

Failing or Achieving both are LEARNING. We are here to learn. Each and every day we learn. All ways. So, teach them that whether you fail or you win, both results with Learning of something new. Its all about learning my boy.

Play with your kid. Nowadays smartphones are not letting you play with your kid. You and your wife is watching videos or going through news feed in app, and your kid is playing in same room or other room alone. Don’t let technology interfere your role to play with your kid. Remember this point clearly.

Final words, your kids are grown up and now are raising their own kids ? They are not in connect with you ? Feels heart broken right ? . . . Leave it, and remember they are your kid, so try to connect with them via social media (if they do not want your presence in their home). Cheers.

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  1. Sir, you kept it short, deep and clear. Points about “Learning, Teaching, Playing” were great. Wise man talks less and this is good example. Whenever I read it first, and again read it, and imagined your life.

    Hope you have great life. Thanks for sharing.

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