Tips : How to make money on Instagram ?

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Well, it’s been few years that Instagram is gaining users. Not only users, but Brands, Products and Companies are creating their space in Instagram to get attention from users and show their value. So, questions keeps on coming, How to earn money on Instagram ? 

Here’s some concept depending upon my own experience :

  • Create quality images. Yes, you must focus on creating and publishing catchy, beautiful and attention grabbing image.
  • Try gaining some followers then. No matter, 1k or 2k or 100k followers.
  • Just stick to you Quality Content. Take time before publishing image. Do lots of work on your image. Publish best one.
  • Now ? be calm, keep on publishing attention grabbing content.
  • Do not try to fool peoples. Be original. Stick to your own content.
  • Move with one category : like, clothes or technology or fashion or photography. Or you can move on mixing 2 categories depending upon how much you can give time in post production before publishing it to instagram.
  • Now, definitely after so much concentration, you will gain followers.
  • Start advertising others content via your image category. Do not advertise more. Advertise only 5 to 10 % content while your content must be focused on 90 to 95 %.
  • Do affiliate marketing.
  • Try selling some unique photographs. Focus on selling more images, with low price. That will help you gain more followers.
  • Note : Featured image is via Pixabay.

4 thoughts on “Tips : How to make money on Instagram ?

  1. Share high quality images using watermarks. Image is original when people give you money then remove watermark.

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