Today’s Cryptocurrency Buyer is Future Billionaire . . .

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As I remember, in July 2010 A.D., 1 bitcoin was worth only around $0.08 to $1. And now, I am writing this article in 2018 July, its value is $7,000+ (fluctuates). In 2017 its value was $20,000+. Those who bought bitcoin in 2009 or 2010 and those who hold it in their wallet, they became billionaire and millionaire in 2016/2017 A.D.

So, when we assume its growth and acceptance record from 2017 A.D., we can predict and say that the Cryptocurrency is future currency. Nowadays, buyers buys and holds it calmly for, more likely investors too.

Buying Cryptocurrency in todays trend is like Buying Land and holding it for 5 to 10 years, waiting calmly for its price to increase, Right ?

Today’s Cryptocurrency Buyer is Future Billionaire, this is my own perspective. Maybe, who knows what will happen in future, but when our knowledge and experience talks, then it says, “Yes, Cryptocurrency is definitely future”. Right now, as I always say, “This is initial point of Cryptocurrency“, so future outcome cannot be predicted 100% correctly.

Remember and be aware of fact that, all so called cryptocurrency are being created in huge numbers, so do not just jump into it. You know about BitConnect right ?. If not then search about it. Scam and Spam may destroy you and your whole life earning. So, be careful, and before taking any action in the field of cryptocurrency do some research, news reading, security guides and lots of other stuffs, also consult with Tech Pro Guys, not only that, but consult more often with people who are involved in this crypto field. They can suggest you best tips and security tips.

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