[Solved] Fifa19 Stuck on Loading Screen

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So, new release Fifa 19 creating issues ? Sometime black screen on fifa 19, slow gameplay on fifa 19, and now Fifa 19 stuck at loading screen or fifa 19 freezing at title screen. Right ?.

So here is the solution, that worked on most of updates on fifa 18, now this is the solution that worked for me for fixing and solving fifa 19 stuck on loading screen.

“I got the same issue and It was solved just updating the system software of PS4 and restarting.”

Make sure your console is connected to the Internet, and then open the guide and choose Settings > All settings. Select System > Updates > Update console.

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  1. I got the same problem, downloaded new update this morning, now after i start game..loading screen appears, but then its only loading like for 4hours, left it on. Any solutions. Problem appeard on PC

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